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JKBOSE 12th Biology Paper 2018 (Biannual)

Complete class 12th biology paper by JKBOSE (biannual) 2018:

JKBOSE class 12th Botany paper 2018:

                (Long Answer Type Questions)-(5 marks each)

1. A man with AB Blood group has married a woman with O group. Show the possible genotypes and phenotypes of the progeny.
Where do Transcription and Translation occur inside a living cell? Briefly describe the three steps involved in the process of Translation.

2. What is Ecology? Briefly explain four major abiotic factors of the environment.
Describe the process of succession on a base rock.

(Short Answer Type Questions)-(3 marks each)

3. Write a note on the development of Endosperm. Mention the types with examples.
4. Give the characteristics of the Genetic Code.
5. What is Biogas? Discuss its production in a Gobar Gas Plant.
6. Write short notes on:
    (a) Hotspots in Biodiversity.
    (b) Biosphere Reserves.
    (c) Protected Areas.

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)-(2 marks each)

7. Differentiate between self-pollination and cross-pollination.
8. Write short notes on:
    (a) Biopiracy.
    (b) Biopatent.
9. Describe the advantage of SCP.
10. What is Acid Rain? Who coined the term acid rain?

(Objective Type Questions)-(1 mark each)

1 1. (i) Microbes are haploid. (True/False)
      (ii) Binary fission involves both and
Fill in the blanks:
     (iii) Define Pleiotropy.
     (iv) Green House Effect is caused by
           (a) Green Plants
           (b) Infrared rays
           (c) UV-rays
           (d) X-rays

     (v) Which day is celebrated as World Environment Day?

JKBOSE class 12th Zoology paper 2018:

(Long Answer Type Questions)-(5 marks each)

1. Explain graphically the process of spermatogenesis in humans.
Give in detail the female reproductive system in humans.

2. Explain the inheritance pattern of Haemophilia in human beings.
Describe Darwin's theory of evolution.

(Short Answer Type Questions)-(3 marks each)

3. Explain binary fission giving examples.
4. Enlist the role of the placenta.
5. Explain DNA fingerprinting briefly.
6. What is the role of gene therapy?

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)-(2 marks each)

7. What is Down's Syndrome?
8. Mention the causes of hepatitis?
9. Write down the role of Vaccines:
10. Enlist the role of genetic engineering.

(MCQ/Objective Type Questions)-(1 mark each)

1 1. (i) What does AIDS stand for?                   
       (ii) Malaria is caused by ...... mosquito. (Fill up)
      (iii) Write down the chromosome number in case of Turner's Syndrome.
      (iv) Color blindness is commonly seen in males. (True/False)
       (v) Which of the following is caused by Round Worm: (Choose the correct one)
             (a) Filariasis.
             (b) Ascariasis.
             (c) Typhoid.
             (d) Cholera.

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