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jkbose 12th physical education paper 2018

Here is the complete physical education paper of class 12th by JKBOSE 2018 annual:

  • Time allotted = 3 hours.
  • Maximum marks = 60.
  • Total number of questions = 18.
  • Paper; physical education, 20338-Y, 12THRKDO18.

(Long Answer Type Questions)-(5 marks each)

l. Explain how strength can be developed through the isometric and isotonic type of exercises.
Explain how can you develop endurance through interval training method and continuous training method.

2. Define sports environment. Explain the importance of the sports environment.
How does value education developed through physical education programme? Explain.
3. Enlist the element of Yoga and explain in detail.
Write an essay on 'Yoga as an Indian Heritage'.

(Short Answer Type Questions)-(3 marks each)

4. Describe the importance of Physical fitness.
5. Explain Leadership Qualities.
6. Describe the need for moral education in the modern sphere.
7. Explain the essential elements of a positive sports environment.
8. Elaborate the role of media for creating positive sports environment.
9. Explain the importance of sports medicine.
10. Mention the main fundamental skills of Cricket. Explain any two.

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)-(2 marks each)

11. Write a short note on circuit training.
12. How can be a sports person prevent sports-related accidents?
13. Write any two definitions of Sociology.
14. Give the types of sports injuries in brief.
15. Make a list. of the defensive strokes in Table-Tennis.
16. Write briefly the importance of moral education.
17. Draw a labelled diagram of Javelin Throw.

(Multiple Choice Type Questions)-(2 marks each)

18. (A) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word:
            (i)  ....... training method was developed by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Adamson.
           (ii) The ...... sports environment should be developed at school, college and university level.
          (iii) ..... warming up may cause injury to the sportsperson.
    (B) Choose- the correct/most appropriate answer:
          (i) Who said, "Endurance is the ability to resist fatigue"?
              (a) Dr. K. Landerson
              (b) D. Harre
              (c) Edward Bortz
              (d) None of these
        (ii) The weight of Javelin Throw for men is.
              (a) 800 gm
              (b)600 gm
              (c)850 gm
              (d) None of these
       (iii) The diameter of Basketball ring is:
              (a) 28 cm
              (b) 4 cm
              (c) 45
              (d) None of these
        (iv) Pushing a wall is an Isometric method. (True/False)
         (v) Short-term endurance is called anaerobic endurance. (True/False)
   (C) Answer the following questions in a few words:
         (i) What is sports medicine?
         (ii) Define popping crease.

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